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Greenhouse Installation    

   ​​Growing under glass provides a protected environment ideal for raising seedlings, overwintering tender plants, growing crops such as tomatoes, or even cultivating plants that need protection year-round. Greenhouses allow the gardener to extend the growing season, sow plants earlier and provide the ideal place for rooting cuttings.​

At Nature at Work we provide the technical knowhow to install a wide range of different greenhouse from a number of manufactures.  Everything from the base through to the final installation of the greenhouse is carried out by skilled and experienced installers
 Janssens Greenhouse
Robinsons Victorian Rushmoor Ivory 8ft x 12ft
 Janssens Greenhouse 18x38ft with reclaimed belfast brick dwarf wall.     
Robinsons Victorian Rushmoor Ivory 8ft x 12ft, a dwarf wall constructed from reclaimed Belfast brick and associated landscaping including a yellow limestone patio area with Belfast brick edge  

Black Limestone Paving
Hercules Naseby 10ft wide x 16ft with a reclaimed Belfast brick plinth 
Hercules Naseby 10ft x 16ft
Hercules Naseby 10ft x  20ft, with Acheson & Glover 400 x 400 standard flag base. 
Installing the greenhouse base

Every greenhouse, no matter how big or small, should be fastened down to a solid foundation of some sort to prevent weather damage, warping and uneven stress. If you do not fix your greenhouse down, it will not last. Without a level base, erecting your greenhouse will be difficult, and in the longer term could cause glass to break or polycarbonate sheets to pop out. Doors and windows could become stiff or stuck if the frame distorts.