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​​ Here at Nature at Work, we understand the importance of properly installed natural stone paving, whether it's the driveway or main entrance to your home, the paths or a patio space to relax.  

Laying natural stone paving is a highly specialised craft that requires skilled and experienced operatives dedicated to the demanding and exacting task, attention to detail is always paramount. We provide a high quality service that results in long lasting and attractive finishes in a wide range of materials.

Below are some examples of work in progress with the various paving materials we use.  
“The idea is not to copy nature, but to give a feeling of nature.” 

Piet Oudolf

The skilled craft of laying paving  

sawn and sandblasted sandstone
Laying yellow granite paving
The above photo is a project we completed in Carrickfergus using buff sawn & sandblasted, sandstone paving which provides a good slip resistant surface. It is a light cream-buff in colour with occasional warmer tones and is ideal for modern contemporary designs. The paving is laid on a full cement screed bed with a primer bridging bond to adhere the slabs into the bedding layer.
Yellow Granite paving is sawn on all sides with a bush hammered top surface. Speckled in appearance with natural bands of grey and brown running through the yellow‚ giving a very warm and natural finish to modern contemporary projects but also subtle and varied enough to be used in traditional garden design. One of the major benefits of granite paving is that it’s very hardwearing     
Tobermore Tegula Setts
Black Limestone Paving
With all work we carry out attention to detail is paramount. Above is an example of a recessed manhole cover being accurately 'cut in' with Tobermore Tegula setts. 
Black Limestone being laid on a project in Parkgate Co. Antrim.  Black Limestone paving is naturally riven on the top surface which provides a slip resistant surface. Limestone paving slabs tend to have flatter surfaces than the more traditional sandstone paving however they still retain that riven appearance. An extremely hardwearing material suitable for both traditional and contemporary projects. Here we have used a Tobermore Tegula paving brick to form the curved step riser
“Structure is the most important component in a successful planting; colour is important too but it is a secondary consideration.” 

Piet Oudolf

 Why choose natural stone over their concrete equivalents    

Natural stone paving is a thing of beauty. Not only does it  look fantastic but boasts a wide range of benefits, especially in your garden and around the outside of your home.

Natural stone products are more attractive than concrete equivalents

Each piece of natural stone is a unique blend of colours and tones this means your garden / driveway / landscape, are completely bespoke unlike manufactured concrete where all pieces are identical and comparatively characterless.

The colour in natural stone is not pigmented unlike concrete, making it more attractive.

Natural stone  products are more durable than concrete equivalents

Natural stone will retain its aperance  over time, as opposed to concrete which is manufactured from a composite aggregate mix that become exposed after a few years of trafficking or heavy cleaning .

When you think about ancient monuments that have lasted for centuries, they are typically made of natural stone. Because of its durability, natural stone surfacing requires very little maintenance, laid properly using tried and tested methods of best practice your new natural stone paving will last a lifetime.  Stone, such as granite or limestone, resist moisture and can endure heavy weight and use.

Natural stone products will add curb appeal and property value 

Whether you’re installing natural stone paving at a private residence or on a commercial property – there’s no question that your Curb Appeal will improve when you use Natural Stone as apposed to Concrete. Contrary to popular belief – Natural Stone does not necessarily have to cost more than using equivalent concrete products, with the initial cost of installing natural stone offset over the considerable lifespan of the surface. All in all – natural stone landscaping products are a far better investment than concrete equivalents. Using natural stone materials will add greater value to your property vs concrete every time.